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Wholesale Heat Vinyl Transfer

B-Flex was born over a decade ago in Vicenza, Italy, created by two brothers, Marco and Roberto.

Over time the two brothers developed the formula for the perfect heat transfer material; it’s smooth, thin, stretchable, resists to wash, and applies fast at a relatively low temperature. For over a decade, our customers have been recognizing us as a leader in manufacturing premium quality Heat Transfer Vinyl.
Our quality-first approach and top-notch customer service are our competitive advantages and the reason why people trust us.
Our main HTVs are made out of 100% Polyurethane; this allows us to have a highly durable material which is easily stretchable and feels good on the garment.

We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We are confident that once you try B-Flex you won’t go back to any other brand. If you wanna learn more, contact us

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