B-FLEX AMERICA is the premiere choice when it comes to finding the best heat transfer vinyl manufacturer near you. B-FLEX AMERICA is committed to setting a new standard in the industry with our flagship heat transfer vinyl products. The heat transfer vinyl products offered by B-FLEX AMERICA are unique and unlike any other vinyl products on the market and will instantly take your business and projects to the next level.

The BF REFLEX vinyl series is a part of B-FLEX AMERICA’s signature heat transfer vinyl products. BF REFLEX combines the polyurethane layer with metal microspheres that allows light to be refracted. The polyester adhesive makes the cutting line highly visible and the liner allows easy weeding and repositioning of accidentally removed characters.

B-FLEX AMERICA’s BF REFLEX heat transfer vinyl product is 140-microns thick and its subtle elasticity makes it pleasant to the touch and conformable on any fabric. The BF REFLEX heat transfer vinyl is ideal for sportswear, workwear and even leisure since it is so comfortable.

B-FLEX AMERICA heat transfer vinyl provides solutions to common problems

Are you constantly running into the same problems and complications with the heat transfer vinyl you’re currently using? With the BF REFLEX series of heat transfer vinyl at B-FLEX AMERICA, we abolish all the common problems that you consistently run into while completing heat transfer vinyl projects.

Get rid of the old-school cover sheet when you’re pressing and completing layers on your heat transfer vinyl project with the BF REFLEX vinyl options at B-FLEX AMERICA. Our signature vinyl product is manufactured to make your life easier throughout the entire heat transfer vinyl process. We recommend low-heat and low pressing times that not only make your products look better but increase overall efficiency. At B-FLEX AMERICA, we keep it simple and easy with the lowest temperatures and highest quality vinyl products on the market.

Get your B-FLEX AMERICA BF REFLEX vinyl series

Contact B-FLEX AMERICA and start using the best heat transfer vinyl available on the market. Our lower heat temperatures and high-quality heat transfer vinyl products at B-FLEX AMERICA allow us to offer clients the best option available regarding heat transfer vinyl. Our BF REFLEX heat transfer vinyl will instantly propel your business and projects to the next level.

Cricut Explorer Vinyl
Cricut Maker Iron On
Silhouette Cameo 4 Blade: 8 Speed: 8 Force: 20 Pass:1
Silhouette Cameo 3 (Autoblade) Blade:  Speed:  Force:  Pass:
US Cutter Prism Force: 100 Speed: 300
US Cutter MH Series Force: 100 Speed: 300

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