The heat transfer films that we produce are thin, stretchy and can withstand over 100 wash cycles. They’re designed to streamline your workflow while saving you time.



Your orders of heat transfer vinyl will be prepared in less than 24 hours and shipped anywhere in the world the next business day. We’re committed to providing you with a world-class service, custom-tailored to your specific needs. Attention to detail and punctuality are a top priority for us.



Our skilled professionals guide you in choosing customized solutions and help solve your questions, step by step.



We’ve implemented processes to assure the highest quality standards from start to finish. We only source the highest quality raw materials and package the finished rolls in boxes designed to protect them while in transit. Our concept of “Made in Italy” doesn’t stop with the product; our level of service is held to the same high standard as our quality materials.


Customer service, quality, and making our heat transfer vinyl in Italy are the values that have always set B-FLEX apart.

The story of B-Flex is told through our products: not just the BF700A series, one of the best Heat Transfer Vinyl on the market, and the GIMME5 series, which in just 4 seconds at 140°C can be transferred on the garment, but also the other 250 products on our catalog and our industry-leading projects.

Maintaining elevated quality standards has always been one of our top priorities. B-FLEX can’t give up innovation and the desire to look ahead to anticipate trends and our customers’ needs. In 2017 we founded B-Flex America to bring our custom heat transfer vinyls to the United States, along with our knowledge that we acquired over the years in the garment decoration industry. The North American market is one that is highly focused on sportswear, especially thanks to the popularity of sports like football and baseball.

Italian roots, worldwide presence: our Vicenza-based company that represents quality and creativity on htv vinyl printing can boast a distribution network in Europe, North Africa, Canada, USA, and Australia.