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Building on the great tradition of B-FLEX AMERICA Italia

B-FLEX AMERICA, originally founded in Italy, has worked continuously to maintain the elevated quality of heat transfer vinyl products for years. However, since 2017, we have offered the same heat transfer vinyl at B-FLEX AMERICA America to our clients across the United States. Innovation and anticipation in the vinyl market is at the forefront of B-FLEX AMERICA’s priorities and we work hard to ensure we provide the best products to our clients in America.

B-FLEX AMERICA America, continuing the great tradition

At B-FLEX AMERICA America, we continue to build on the great tradition set forth by B-FLEX AMERICA Italia. The dedication that B-FLEX AMERICA Italia embodied to creating and providing the highest quality heat transfer vinyl is what inspired three friends to start B-FLEX AMERICA America and provide the best heat transfer vinyl to clients across the U.S.

At B-FLEX AMERICA, we pride ourselves on the quality and commitment to our clients in providing the best heat transfer vinyl products that originated in Italy. When it comes to the story of B-FLEX AMERICA, we reference our premiere flagship heat transfer vinyl products to tell the story. At B-FLEX AMERICA, we set the heat transfer vinyl standard with high quality products and significantly lower heat temperatures.

From our Italian roots to the Unites States of America, B-FLEX AMERICA offers our flagship heat transfer vinyl products across the world with a distribution network in Europe, North Africa, Canada and Australia. Contact B-FLEX AMERICA America to learn more about the highest quality heat transfer vinyl products in the market.