Meet the Team!

Eric Calasanzio
Managing Director/Partner

Starting in 2017, Eric partnered with B-Flex Italia to bring their products to the US. Shortly after starting the company, Eric began recruiting the team, starting with a Sales Executive and a Creative Director. It was his mission to make B-Flex a household name, so he has frequented trade shows domestically and internationally. Eric has a background in finance, so he uses his knowledge and skills to develop and implement strategic plans to drive organizational success. Eric made it a priority to create a stable work environment that welcomed collaborative ideas, different backgrounds, and a stress-free zone. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree from Augusta University and he is currently pursuing an MBA from Clemson University.

Luis Arana
Account Executive/Partner

Luis is in charge of sales. He also joined the company in its early days and played an important role in its development. His previous sales background has helped B-Flex penetrate through the textile industry at a rapid pace including the Latin and South American markets. Luis’s dedication and creativity capabilities have helped shed light to other crafters on the capabilities of HTV. In his free time Luis likes to play tennis and team up with his fellow Foodie Eric as they tackle restaurants across the U.S.

David LaFontaine
Creative Director/Partner

David is responsible for the marketing and IT of B-Flex America. This ranges from online analytics to marketing consultation for our Authorized Retailers. David works tirelessly to increase brand awareness in this ever-changing market and has been dedicated to his work with the company for three years. David holds a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Rebecca Duvall
Marketing Manager

After successfully completing her Fall 2021 Internship with B-Flex, Rebecca accepted a position as Marketing Manager. Rebecca collaboratively works with the rest of the marketing team by strategically planning social media posts, scheduling events with retailers, coordinating product launches, and supplying the office with donuts.

Josh Wodarz
IT & Cyber Operations

After an employee fell victim to a phishing scheme in 2018, Josh joined our team to protect our digital infrastructure against cyber threats. Josh works alongside David to handle all the cyber and IT operations for B-Flex America. As a graduate from Augusta University, Josh holds an MS in Information Security Management as well as BS in Cybersecurity.

Bowman Calasanzio
Office Dog
Arguably, Bowman has the best job in the office. He sleeps, eats, and supervises everyone’s work. In between naps he likes to play fetch. If you’re looking for him, you can probably find him napping under someone’s desk.